How Do You Download JavaScript on Your Computer?


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Because JavaScript is an interpreted scripting language that is used in websites and not an application or a driver, users cannot download it directly. However, it is possible to download an Internet browser that supports JavaScript to access content that is created using it.

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Web designers use JavaScript to add interactive content to their websites. No special tools are necessary to write content in JavaScript. A basic text editor like Notepad in Windows is sufficient. Web designers can integrate JavaScript code into HTML documents by indicating the JavaScript codes in brackets and smaller-than and larger-than symbols.

Users need browsers that can interpret JavaScript codes to display the content written in JavaScript. Both Windows and Mac OS X come with Internet browsers that can handle JavaScript content. Alternatively, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera are third-party Internet browsers that are able to interpret JavaScript.

Although the two languages have the same name, JavaScript is a very different tool than Java. Java is an advanced programming language that application developers can use to run programs in virtual machines. Moreover, programmers must compile code written in Java before the code is ready for users. As such, advanced software made for programming is required. Unlike JavaScript, Java is available for download at Java.com

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