How Do You Download Java Version 1.6?


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Oracle makes legacy versions of its Java software platform, including Java 1.6, available for download through the Oracle Java Archive. The archive includes downloads of every publicly released version of Java Platform Standard Edition 6, version 1.6's official name, to assist developers with debugging issues on older systems.

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On the download page for Java SE 6 in the Oracle Java Archive, developers can choose to download either the Java Runtime Environment or Java Development Kit according to their specific needs. The versions of Java SE 6 available range from the initial launch version to version 6u45. Furthermore, downloads are divided by operating system, with installer EXE files available for Windows systems, binary files for Linux, and either shell scripts or SVR4 packages packed into TAR archives for Solaris systems. Downloads for all operating systems are available in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors.

After finding the appropriate version and format of Java SE 6 required, clicking the radio button to accept the license agreement makes the files available for download. Selecting the file from the list that matches the operating system and hardware configuration of the target computer begins the download process.

Due to the inherent security risks of using older versions of Java, Oracle insists that only developers and enterprise administrators download Java SE 6, or any other older version of the software platform. Additionally, Oracle recommends against using a version of Java obtained from the Oracle Java Archive in production environments.

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