How Do You Download ITunes for Windows XP?

How Do You Download ITunes for Windows XP?

To download iTunes for Windows XP, go to and click the Download button. The Download button is located in the upper right portion of the Web page. Then, click the Get iTunes for Windows link. Alternatively, go to, click the Downloads link and enter iTunes in the Search field. Select the iTunes for Windows XP link and click the Download Now button.

Once the download is complete, right-click on the file and choose Open and Run. Follow the prompts accordingly and restart your computer. Double-click the iTunes application icon and sign in with your Apple ID.

To download iTunes, you must have a broadband Internet connection and the latest version of Windows installed. Visit and click Install Updates to update the operating system.

ITunes is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. ITunes is a free music, video and radio application developed by Apple Computer, Inc. Apple is an American multinational computer company that creates, develops and sells electronics and software. ITunes may not be available to download in certain countries.

Windows XP is an operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft released it to the public in 2001, and released its successor, Windows Vista, in 2007. Microsoft is a global software, electronics and hardware manufacturer headquartered in Seattle, Washington.