How Do You Download IPhoto to an IMac?


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As of 2015, the iPhoto application is a discontinued software for all iMac personal computers that run the OS X Yosemite system and is no longer available to be downloaded from the Apple App Store. The program has been replaced by the Photos application for OS X, which was released as a bundled application for the OS X update on Apr. 8, 2015. The Apple iPhoto application was the photo library application for the iMac platform.

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Prior to its removal, the iPhoto application could be downloaded to an iMac personal computer by downloading it from the App Store. In addition to the iPhoto application, Apple also announced that it would discontinue the Aperture photo editing application suite.

The Photos application that replaced iPhoto and Aperture is connected to all Apple devices owned by the user. The Photos application allowed the user to both store photos on Apple's cloud storage system as well as make edits using a variety of pre-set options. Any edits made on a photo on the Photos application are reflected on any devices connected to the iCloud system. Photos was originally released on the iOS Apple mobile platform, and the program was written on a combination of Objective C and Cocoa programming languages.

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