How Do You Download a Free Graphic Equalizer?

How Do You Download a Free Graphic Equalizer?

Audiophiles looking for free graphic equalisers can download Voxengo Marvel GEQ and Equalizer APO for Windows and Soundflower and AU Lab for Macs. The software lets users control and adjust different bands of their computers' audio with professional accuracy.

Voxengo Marvel GEQ supports up to eight input and output channels through a 16-band graphic equalizer. Other features include a preset manager, undo/redo history, linear-phase equalizing, stereo and multi-channel processing and internal channel routing.

Equalizer APO is a graphic equalizer for Windows that uses a small amount of CPU. Users set an unlimited number of filters, and the equalizer works for any number of channels. Download the Voxengo and Equalizer APO software for Windows XP and later versions, as well as some IOS systems through the manufacturers' website.

Soundflower and AuLab are free downloads that let a Mac user equalize audio across all of a computer’s platforms. Once downloaded and installed, set the Soundflower software as a Mac's sound output and AU

Lab as the designated audio input. AUGraphicEQ sets its defaults to 31 bands; fine tuning and adjustments require manually setting individual sliders. A 10-band version of the graphic equalizer is also available. Download AULab for free from Apple and Soundflower from the third-party site, Git Hub.