How Do You Download the Fruit Ninja Game for IPhones?


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Fruit Ninja is on the Apple App Store for the Apple iPhone, as well as the iPod Touch and iPad. As of 2015, Fruit Ninja requires iOs version 6.0 or later. Fruit Ninja was released on April 21, 2010 for the iPhone and iPod Touch and on Sept.17th, 2010 for Android devices. Fruit Ninja reached 300 million downloads in May 2012, just over two years after its release.

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In the game, the player uses the touch screen to control a blade and slice fruit. As fruit appears on the screen, the player moves his finger across the screen, creating a slicing motion to slice the fruit in half. The player also dodges bombs that appear on the screen, which take away one of the player's three lives if they hit the player. The objective of the game is to slice as much fruit as possible within the time limit without losing all three lives.

Fruit Ninja's reception from critics and consumers is somewhat positive, scoring a 75% on Metacritic. After only two years of release, Fruit Ninja was on one third of all smartphones in the United States, totaling 300 million downloads. Time Magazine named Fruit Ninja one of the 50 best apps in 2011, praising it for being playable anywhere at any time.

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