How Do You Download Flash Player Software for Mac OS?


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In order to download Flash Player for Mac OS, visit the Adobe Flash Player plug-in page and agree to install the plug-in. Follow any prompts that pop up on the computer.

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How Do You Download Flash Player Software for Mac OS?
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Flash Player works as a free browser plug-in. To install the plug-in in Safari on Mac OS, use the following steps.

  1. Visit the Adobe Flash Player website.
  2. Go to the Adobe website and access the page for the Flash Player plug in. Choose the download option for Safari.

  3. Download the plug-in.
  4. Press "Install now" to download the plug-in. It should appear in Safari's downloads window.

  5. Install the player
  6. A window should pop up showing the Adobe Flash Player installer, which looks like a folder. Double click on the folder to start the installation process. If a message pops up asking for permission to open the application, click "Open." Accept the license agreement and enter the user name and password for the Mac OS administration. A window should then pop up showing the installation progress. Click "Done" to conclude the installation.

  7. Repeat the process for other browsers.
  8. Adobe also offers the Flash Player plug-in for other Mac OS-compatible browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. Repeat the download and install process for each browser to access flash videos, games and other content.

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