How Do You Download the FAA MedXpress Form 8500?

The FAA MedXPress form 8500-8 is not available for download as of 2016. Instead, the form is available to submit electronically online at Prior to filling out the form, applicants must request accounts via the Request an Account button below the login form.

After selecting the Request an Account button, a form is provided for the applicant to fill out, which requires a full name and email address. The chosen email address is what the applicant must use to log in to the FAA MedXPress page in the future. The new account also requires the applicant to answer three security questions in case the password is forgotten or assistance is needed for the account. After the request is submitted, a temporary password is emailed to the user along with steps to complete the process for an account request. After the creation of the account is confirmed, the person log in to the FAA MedXPress page using the temporary password and email.

Upon logging in, the MedXPress Form 8500-8 is available to fill electronically. The form is necessary for airmen who are requesting FAA Medical Clearance, Medical Certificates or Student Pilot Medical Certificates. After filling out the form, the information provided within the MedXPress form becomes available for the applicant's designated FAA Aviation Medical Examiner for review when the medical examination takes place.