How Do You Download the CSR Racing App for Free?

How Do You Download the CSR Racing App for Free?

Download "CSR Racing" for free by using Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Whereas the former allows iOS users to download the game, the latter works on Android devices. The game is available for iOS 7 and newer and Android 4.0 and newer.

To download the game from Apple App Store, first find it using the search option by clicking the magnifying glass icon. Then tap the blue Get button on the right, and enter your Apple ID username and password.

Alternatively, you can download the app through iTunes and then sync it with your iOS device. To do so, click iTunes Store, open the More Options menu by clicking the icon with three dots, click Apps, and then open App Store. Search for the app, and click the blue Get button. "CSR Racing" then installs on your iOS device automatically the next time you sync.

If using Android, find the download page of the app by using the search function, and then tap the green Install button on the right. If prompted, enter the credentials of your Google account.

"CSR Racing" is a competitive multiplayer racing game that features over 95 licensed cars. The game allows players to customize and upgrade their cars. Although the game itself is free to download, the developer sells in-app items. Some of the items on sale are super nitrous for $3, a race team for $5 and an executive case for $10.