How Do You Download a Free Computer Voice Changer?

To download a free voice changer program, navigate to websites such as,, or, select the desired program, and click on the Download button or the link for the setup file. Voice changer software solutions available on these websites let users control the pitch and add voice effects in real time or modify existing audio files. Some programs, such as Skype Voice Changer, also offer versions that require a paid license but provide additional features in return.

On, type “Skype” in the search field, click on Skype Voice Changer, open the page for the program, and click the Download button. As of 2015, the program is still in the beta development stage, but it provides full functionality when paired with the Windows version of Skype, and it has been downloaded more than 180,000 times. On, click on the Fake Voice - Free Voice Changer link, and then click on the Download link in parentheses. This program can add robotic, alien and echo effects to voices and modulate them by changing the pitch.

On, click on the icon of a smiley face wearing headphones, select the latest version, and click on the VMSetup.exe link to download the necessary setup file. On, click on the Free Voice Changer link, and click the Free Download button. In addition to pitch, this program can modify voice speed, ranging from 50 to 200 percent, and is able to preserve voice timbre after applying voice effects.