How Do You Download the Comic Life App?

How Do You Download the Comic Life App?

The Comic Life app is a paid app available for the Apple or Windows operating platform and most users can download the app through the Comic Life section of the plasq website. It is also available through Apple iTunes.

Use these steps to download the Comic Life app.

  1. Visit the Comic Life site
  2. Visit plasq and hover over the "Apps" header at the top of the page. Click on "Downloads" in the drop down menu. This directs to the page with all of the downloads for different platforms.

  3. Select the desired download
  4. Users who are interested in the Comic Life app, but aren't ready to pay for it, can click on the "Try It" download button. There is no "try it" option for the iPhone or iPad. The trial version of Comic Life lasts for 30 days before users are asked to pay for the full version.

  5. Download and install
  6. Click on the "Download" button, which opens an install window. Click on "Save File" and then click on "Save" in the Windows file menu. Go to the saved location of the Comic Life file on the computer. Double-click to open. Click on "Run," accept the End User Agreements and then click "Install" to install the app on the computer or device. It may take a moment to install the program.