How Do You Download the AVG Anti-Virus Program for Free?

How Do You Download the AVG Anti-Virus Program for Free?

To download the free AVG AntiVirus software, select it on This downloads the installation software. From there, follow each instruction as it appears on the computer screen.

Select the desired instruction language from the drop-down menu. Next, read the license agreement and accept it to continue.

The installer should enter a license number automatically for the free version. If the screen asks for a number, click Back and Next to reload the screen. If it still asks for a license number, end the installation, update both the operating system and browser to their current versions, then restart the installation.

Once past the license screen, select either the express or the custom installation. The express install automatically adds a desktop gadget. Choose the custom installation option to de-select it delete the gadget from the desktop after the install, if desired. For the custom option, the installer displays a list of elements for selection or de-selection.

The installation may take several minutes to complete. It is best to let it finish and restart the computer before opening other applications.