How Do You Download Applications?

How Do You Download Applications?

Download applications by searching the Internet for applications or using the appropriate application store for your device. Windows Store, Apple App Store and Google Play Store are three application stores that enable the users to download applications to Windows, iOS and Android devices, respectively. Whereas downloading an application manually requires the user to run an installer, application stores often install the downloaded application automatically.

To download applications from websites, look for buttons or links that may initiate the download. For instance, features a green Download Now button on the individual pages of the applications in its server. Clicking such buttons starts the download progress automatically. Find the downloaded files in the Downloads folder on your Windows or Mac OS X system.

If using Windows 8 or newer, you can use Windows Store to download an application. To do so, click the Store button on the Start Screen on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 or search for the store using the search box on the bottom left on Windows 10. Pick an application, and click the Install button.

To download applications to an iOS device, open the App Store, choose an application, and tap the blue Get or Buy button on the right, depending on whether or not the application is available for free. If prompted, enter your Apple ID password or use the fingerprint scanner on the home button.

If using an Android device, launch the Google Play Store, select an application, and tap the green Install button. You must have set up a Google account to be able to download from the store. To set up an account, open the Settings application, tap Accounts, and add a new Google account.