How Do You Downgrade an IPhone From IOS 7 to IOS 6?

How Do You Downgrade an IPhone From IOS 7 to IOS 6?

In order to downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6, the proper iOS 6 file must be selected and the device attached to a computer in order to perform the restore. The Apple company began blocking downgrades for the iOS 6 in 2013, so there is no guarantee the version needed will be able to install.

Since Apple is no longer "signing" older versions of the iOS 6, the installation process below may not work.

  1. Download the proper iOS 6 file
  2. The proper version of the iOS 6 file is required in order to avoid iTunes errors during installation. For the iPhone 5, iOS 6.14 is required, while everything else requires the iOS 6.13 file.

  3. Plug the device into a computer
  4. If the iPhone begins syncing data with iTunes when plugged into the computer, cancel it. Do not put the iPhone in to DFU mode and allow your phone to be recognized with iTunes. Once it is recognized, hold the Alt/Option button on a Mac or on Windows based computers, hold the Shift key and click "Restore iPhone."

  5. Select the iOS 6 file
  6. When the option to select an iOS6.ipsw file pops up, select the proper file and choose to restore from the most recent iOS 6 backup.

  7. In case of an iTunes error 3194
  8. If an iTunes 3194 error pops up there is a chance that the wrong iOS 6 file was downloaded and selected. But, if there is no question that the right file was selected, navigate to the Finder and select "Go" in the menu. Click "Go To Folder" and type '/etc' to locate the hosts file. Copy and paste the host file to the computers desktop and open it in Text Edit. Locate the line that reads "" at the bottom of the file and delete it. Drop the file back into the "/etc" folder and select to replace the file is asked and begin the restoring process again.