What Are the Downfalls of Shopping Online?


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Several disadvantages of online shopping are that personal identification may be compromised or stored, buyers are not able to inspect items before purchasing, orders may be damaged in the mail and items may not arrive on time. Another downfall of shopping online is the lack of social interaction.

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Online shoppers may be worried that their personal information, such as credit card or bank account details may be compromised when shopping from sites that are not completely secure. Some websites may also store information about users shopping habits without their consent.

Another drawback of online shopping is that buyers are not able to inspect items before purchasing them. Buyers must rely solely on product descriptions and photographs. Upon receipt of the item, the buyer may find that the item is not as described.

Online shoppers have to wait for items to be delivered in the mail, as opposed to the instant gratification of being able to purchase an item in a store. When shopping online, items may also be damaged in transit from the seller to the buyer. The items may also fail to arrive within the expected time frame or get lost in the mail and never arrive at all.

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