How do you double space in Google Docs?


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To double-space in Google Docs, sign in to your Google account, click on the document that you want to edit, highlight the text that you want to double-space; select Format, select Line Spacing, and then select 2.0. The setting only applies to the current document.

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  1. Sign in to Google Docs

    Sign in to Google, and navigate to Google Docs. A summary of your Google documents then displays.

  2. Select the document that you want to edit

    Click a document to edit from the list of Google docs, or click Create New, and choose Document from the drop-down menu. The document editor then displays.

  3. Format the text

    Select the text to be double-spaced by left-clicking your mouse and dragging the pointer over the selected text. Click Format and select Line Spacing, or click the double-ended arrow icon on the toolbar. Select 2.0 for double-spacing.

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