How Do You Donate Your Old Cellphones?


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One way to donate your old cellphones is to contact your cell phone provider, ask if the company has any kind of drop-off bins or mail-in programs, and use those to donate your phone. You can also donate your old cellphones to very specific charities using third-party initiatives.

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How Do You Donate Your Old Cellphones?
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Cell Phones for Soldiers is a program allowing you to donate your old cellphone to soldiers who may need it. You can do so by visiting the Cell Phones for Soldiers website and clicking on Donate a Gently Used phone. The site will prompt you to choose if you are donating less than nine or more than 10 phones. Clicking on either option takes you to a UPS website, where you can process a shipment and request UPS labels. You can also use the Cell Phones for Soldiers site to find local donation spots by clicking on Dropoff.

You can also use the American Cell Phone Drive website to find local donation collection boxes for phones. To do so, enter your ZIP code, and click on Search on their home page. Doing so either brings up one or more relevant collection box locations or tells you it cannot find any local boxes. If this happens, you can still use the site to print a shipping label and donate the phone by mail.

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