How Do You Get a Domain Name?

How Do You Get a Domain Name?

Obtain your own domain by accessing a domain registrar service. Check for name availability, and if your name is available, secure it by agreeing to the purchase terms and paying for the domain.

  1. Locate a domain registrar service

    Navigate your Web browser to a domain name registrar service. Select a service offering the domain extension you desire, such as .com, .biz or .net. Review the registrar's features and services before proceeding.

  2. Check domain name availability

    Enter a desired domain name into the search box on the registrar's website. Review the results to determine if the name is available. If not, the registrar may populate available name variations. Select a suggested name, or search for a new domain name.

  3. Select a domain and reservation duration

    Once you have found an available domain name, continue to select domain features. Users may purchase and reserve a domain name in yearly increments, up to a maximum of 10 years.

  4. Confirm the terms and conditions

    Review the terms and conditions for domain reservation costs, fees and included features. Make sure the registrar contract includes full access to mail exchanges, nameservers and other DNS settings.

  5. Purchase the domain name

    After agreeing to the registrar's terms and conditions, purchase the domain name. Once purchased, the domain is reserved in your name for the contracted duration.