How Does Dogpile Realtime Search Stack up Against Google?


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Searches using the Dogpile search engine are often more likely to retrieve relevant web content than Google searches, as the company claims. However, this is partially due to the incorporation of Google search results within Dogpile's own searches.

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Dogpile is a search engine designed around a meta-search approach that utilizes the search functions of several other search engines, including Google, Yahoo! and Yandex. Dogpile then searches through the collected results of these searches to locate the most relevant results for the original query in the collection. There is sometimes little overlap between results from search engines for the same query, since search websites often index different content and rank the relevance of the same results differently. By searching multiple engines simultaneously, Dogpile finds relevant results that a single search engine may have overlooked.

Dogpile offers many of the same specialized search capacities as Google, including searching for video or image files. However, Dogpile does not have some advanced Google search features, including Google Scholar, which searches through academic and scholarly content. Dogpile also cannot perform reverse image searches, which find similar images based on a source image. Dogpile search functionality is available through its website and through a browser add-on.

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