What Are Some Dog-Training Tools Posted on the Cesar Millan Website?

Some dog-training tools posted on Cesar Millan's website include DVDs, books and information about training courses. Cesar's Dog Psychology Centers in Southern California and Florida off the courses, and users can register for them on Millan's website.

The training courses offered by Cesar Millan include obedience training, socialization classes, agility training, puppy basics and mastering the walk. Millan also offers a search and rescue course for dogs and owners. Millan's training staff teaches the courses, which are six weeks long. As of 2015, the courses develop the relationship between a dog and owner and cost $400 each.

Cesar Millan's website also offers dog-training tools such as the "Essentials of Dog Behavior: Socialization " DVD and digital download. Some of the dog-training books offered on Millan's website include "Cesar Millan's Short Guide to a Happy Dog," "How to Raise the Perfect Dog" and "Cesar's Way." The prices of these resources vary, and users can purchase these items directly from Millan's website.

Millan also provides dog-training videos and articles on his website, including tips for dog walking, information about feeding and advice about handling puppies. In addition, Millan's website includes information about flea and tick awareness, disciplining dogs, establishing leadership with dogs, and proper ways to show affection to pets.