How Do You View Documents in Windows 8?


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You can open and view documents several ways in Windows 8, but the quickest way is through the Documents folder, called My Documents in earlier versions of Windows. The Documents folder is accessible via the This PC folder in File Explorer. Before you can view documents, you need an appropriate program like Microsoft Office or OpenOffice. Non-formatted documents are viewable in Notepad.

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To access the File Explorer menu, move the mouse cursor all the way to the right edge of the screen and click the Search option. Type "File Explorer" in the search bar and click on the available option. From here, click This PC and then Documents.

If documents are in a different folder, click on the relevant drive and navigate to the subdirectory. Double-click the file you want to view. The operating system then opens the file using the default program for that file extension. For example, a .txt file extension indicates a simple ASCII text file that opens in Notepad.

To change the default program that opens a file, right-click on the file and select Choose Default Program to bring up a list of programs that can read the document. Select the appropriate one from the list.

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