How Does the Dock-N-Talk Cell Phone Docking Station Work?


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The Dock-N-Talk allows users to use a cellphone as a wired phone. It is compatible with over 2500 different cell phones, including those that are Bluetooth capable. Users connect to the Dock-N-Talk via Bluetooth or a cable.

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Users dock a cellphone to the Dock-N-Talk and use a corded or wireless phone, essentially turning the cell phone into a landline telephone. It allows up to eight different cell phones to be docked at once. This docking system is designed to be used in homes, offices or any other place that the user wishes to have a telephone and has cellular service. The Dock-N-Talk also has the ability to charge cellphones that are connected with a cable. Users can also enjoy the ability to use speakerphone, a telephone headset or a handset with high-quality audio with the docking station.

The Dock-N-Talk is ideal for homes and offices that have higher quality cellphone reception in specific areas. This docking system does not require an active cellphone or an activated line. Inactive and disconnected cell phones can serve users an entirely new purpose when docked to the Dock-N-Talk. Users can see who is calling with the caller ID feature, and visual message alerts are sent to compatible landline phones.

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