What Is a DLL Archive?

What Is a DLL Archive?

DLL archives are collections of DLL, or Dynamic Link Library, files that are standard computer files that cannot be used directly and cannot run on their own. They are responsible for numerous vital functions of executable (EXE) files.

These libraries represent collections of executable functions and information used by a large number of Windows programs. If a DLL file or archive is missing, usually due to problems with uninstalling software, the programs using it can no longer function properly.

DLLs are shared by different electronic libraries and can be used by several applications at the same time. They maintain the stability of the functioning of executive files.

The content of a DLL can be altered by manipulating its coding or data. Such manipulations can be done without interference with the functioning of applications.

DLL archives are system file archives and they are usually located in the System32 folder or specific program folders in Program Files folder. They should not be manually manipulated.

In the case of missing or damaged DLL files, it is highly recommended that a specialized program for their repair is used (DLL file fixer). More experienced users can use various Internet archives of DLL files to manually replace the damages or missing files and archives.