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Dixie Delights is a blog maintained by a woman named Amanda on which she shares her thoughts and experiences. According to Amanda, the blog is about the "musings, goings and doings of a so-Southern girl." As such, a lot of the content is focused on the South. For example, a post in November 2015 covered a recent football game between Georgia Tech and Florida State University, a match-up that students and alumni of the two Southern schools take very seriously.

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The Dixie Delights blog also covers home- and family-related topics. For example, in October 2015, Amanda wrote about throwing a semi-educational Halloween party for fourth graders. This post included decoration ideas as well as information about Halloween-themed games.

Many of the posts relate to style and design. In some, she shares recent fashion finds, and in others, she writes about decorating her home. Amanda and her family have almost completely renovated their home in Atlanta, Georgia, so recent projects and photos are frequent topics on the blog. Additionally, the blog features a virtual tour of her home.

In most of the posts, Amanda shares stories about her husband and children. This ranges from short anecdotes to detailed accounts of their travels.

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