How Do You Dispose of Broken Televisions?

How Do You Dispose of Broken Televisions?

A broken television can be disposed of either by taking it to the local dump or by recycling it through a retailer like Best Buy or a recycling service like MRM Recycling. However, the responsible and environmentally friendly method is to recycle the television in some way.

A television should never be tossed in the garbage, taken to the local dump or left for the weekly pickup, as it typically ends up in a land fill where toxic materials can seep into the environment. Older CRT television sets are particularly damaging to the environment, as their picture tubes contain toxic lead and heavy metals such as cadmium. Additionally, the cabinets and circuit boards contain brominated flame-retardants, and front projectors often contain lamps with Krypton 85, which is a radioactive isotope.

A much more environmentally friendly method of disposing of a television set is recycling it.

Best Buy accepts the drop-off of any cathode ray tube television set with a screen of up to 32 inches, or any flat panel television with a screen up to 60 inches. However, the retailer charges a non-negotiable $100 home pickup fee.

MRM Recycling provides a list of drop-off recycling sites based on ZIP code. However, different locations accept different brands and sizes. The MRM website provides information on what sites accept certain television sets.