What Display Pictures Are Best to Use?


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The best pictures to use for display depends on the location of the room where the pictures are being placed, the colors in the room and how much wall space is available. Family photos are good choices for frequently used areas of a home, like the living room. Themed portraits or artwork work well in kitchens, dining rooms and offices.

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Display pictures can really help bring a room to life. PhotographyTips.com stresses the importance of enlarging photos before they are put on display. Photos almost always display better if they are enlarged. The size to which a photo can be enlarged without being distorted depends on the quality and size of the picture's negative or digital file. The website also offers the suggestion that photos don't necessarily need to be framed in order to be put on display. An alternative to a framed wall display is printing the image onto a fabric or household item, such as an apron or coffee mug.

If the photos or artwork will be framed and displayed on a wall, it's best to match the style of the frame to the decor, colors and style of the room. Pigyard Gallery also recommends hanging pictures at eye level or lower.

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