How Do You Disassemble an HP Elitebook Laptop?

How Do You Disassemble an HP Elitebook Laptop?

Disassemble an HP Elitebook laptop by disconnecting all peripherals, pulling the battery out, removing all screws and taking out hardware components one by one. Use a screwdriver and avoid using excessive force.

With the computer off, start disassembling it by disconnecting all external devices, turning the laptop upside down, removing the five rubber feet on the bottom and pulling the battery out by releasing the latch locking it in place. Then remove the screws holding the hard drive bay cover on the top left with the battery port facing you, remove the captive screw holding the hard drive itself, and then remove the hard drive.

Remove the screws holding the WLAN bay cover near the battery slot, lift the cover, disconnect the WLAN module antenna cables, remove the screws module itself, and then pull the WLAN module out. Then remove the captive screws securing the memory compartment, remove the cover, pull the retention clips away, and remove the memory itself.

Remove all screws on the back and turn the laptop right side up. Release the four latches holding the keyboard, pull the ZIF connector holding the keyboard, and remove the keyboard. Then release the ZIF connector that holds the LED board, and remove the switch cover near the monitor. Remove the microphone cable clips, disconnect the display cable, remove the two screws holding the monitor, and then remove the monitor itself.

Remove the Mylar strip taped between the fan and the heat sink, remove the two screws securing the fan, remove the fan itself, and pull out the heat sink assembly. Then remove the screws holding the CPU, and lift the CPU. Disconnect the touchpad cable, the fingerprint reader cable and the ExpressCard reader cable. Finally, remove the three screws holding the top cover, and remove the cover itself.