What Are the Disadvantages of Using a Computer Network?

Most of the disadvantages of using a computer network, as opposed to a stand-alone computer, revolve around the complexity of such networks and their cost. While there are many undeniable benefits to computer networking, networks also create their own set of disadvantages.

The costs associated with computer networks can be considerable. The initial setup can be expensive, involving the installation of cables or wireless technology to enable communication between computer stations. Once the network is up and running, it typically requires the dedicated service of at least one employee along with specialized training for other staff in order to use it.

One of the great advantages of networking is that programs and files can be easily shared, but that same facility means that if the server goes down, no one on the network can work. Viruses can also spread rapidly through a network.

Overall network speed and efficiency is affected by how many users are signed on at any given time, along with what type of work they are doing and what kind of files they are saving. The network slows down with more users on it. If people are watching videos, listening to music or manipulating large files, it can also slow the network down for everyone. Saving large files can also create a shortage of storage space.