What Are the Disadvantages of SMS?

One of the major disadvantages of short message service, or SMS, is that a person can only send short messages. Users also require some basic typing skills. Again, it takes a lot of time to compose a message. Similarly, shortened words may be interpreted wrongly by the receiver.

SMS is a text-messaging service application for phone, web or mobile communication systems. This feature is supported by a standardized communications protocol to enable mobile phones and other devices to transmit short text messages. Although this is a convenient and sometimes cheaper way of communicating, it has various weaknesses, including the fact that it may not be appropriate for official communication. This is because most of the words are shortened and it uses informal language.

Texting with SMS may also be a tedious task for many people because it requires users to organize their thoughts before putting them in writing. The user has to be very certain that shortened words are understood in their intended context. In addition, nimble fingers are needed to efficiently maneuver through tiny handsets with crowded keypads. At the same, a user who is in hurry may accidentally press such features as spell checks, changing a word into an unintended one, hence distorting communication. Finally, some handsets come with limited storage memory that supports only a few words.