What Are Some Disadvantages of the FreedomPop Wireless Service?


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Some of the disadvantages of FreedomPop's wireless service as of March 2015 include limited coverage in rural areas, expensive data and hidden fees. Although the service markets its free data service, the free limits are low, and overusage costs can add up quickly.

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FreedomPop offers free wireless mobile data coverage to all base-plan customers of up to 500 MB per month. Every additional MB costs $0.02, for a total cost of $20 per GB, which is considerably more than standard 4G providers. Users who stream videos or use the Internet frequently can be faced with expensive data bills.

The FreedomPop service also comes with a variety of fees for features that come as standard with other wireless plans. Customers pay $2.49 each month for voicemail and $2.99 per month for standard virus protection. Users are also required to pay for usage alerts and data rollover.

For rural customers, FreedomPop's limited coverage is one of the service's biggest disadvantages. The company uses the Sprint network, which is concentrated mainly on urban areas. Most states do not have coverage outside of major cities, and states such as Montana have no access to FreedomPop's wireless data service at all. Other states with limited to no coverage include Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota.

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