What Are the Disadvantages of a Fax Machine?

disadvantages-fax-machine Credit: Tawny/CC-BY-2.0

While fax machines have been used for decades successfully, they do have some disadvantages, including their lack of security and the possibility of hardware failure. In addition, fax machines can be more costly to use than some of the more recently developed alternatives.

Since their release, fax machines have been used by businesses to transfer paper documents from one location to another. However, the advent of scanners, wireless printers and digital file transfer has reduced the need for fax machines and highlighted some of the disadvantages associated with using a fax machine over a modern document transfer solution.

The main disadvantage of using a fax machine is that it is a relatively unsecured way of transferring documents from one location to another, especially when compared to alternative methods of document transfer, according to Chron. When sending a fax, companies face a higher risk of putting customer information at risk due to the ease with which a hacker can gain access to information travelling between two fax machines.

In addition to security issues, fax machines are also disadvantageous because they are prone to hardware failure such as paper jams and other critical malfunctions. For companies that rely heavily on fax machines to send documents, the cost of repairing and maintaining a fax machine can outweigh the benefits of being able to transfer paper documents. Lastly, fax machines also incur international long distance charges when sending international faxes over traditional phone lines. Not only does this accumulate costs over time, but it also limits the speed of transmission.