How Do You Disable the Yahoo Pop-up Blocker?


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To disable the Yahoo Pop-Up Blocker in the Yahoo Toolbar, click the Pop-Up Blocker button, and pick the Enable Pop-Up Blocker selection from the drop-down menu. Disable the pop-up blocker by removing the check mark from the selection. The exact way to disable the Yahoo Pop-up blocker depends on the Web browser or tool bar you use.

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If you want to disable the Yahoo Pop-Up Blocker in Internet Explorer 8, choose Tools under the Internet Options menu. Click on the Privacy tab, and eliminate the check from the Turn on Pop-up Blocker checkbox under the Pop-Up Blocker section. You can also turn off the Yahoo Pop-Up Blocker in Mozilla Firefox by unchecking the box next to the Block pop-up windows option and clicking the OK button. Find this option under the Content tab section once you access the Options window from the Tools menu. This procedure also helps you deactivate the pop-up blocker if it interferes with the process of importing Facebook contacts.

The pop-up blocker for Yahoo started as a separate tool to block unwanted advertisements in 2003 but emerged into the Yahoo Toolbar to provide several functions such as bookmark management. As of 2015, Yahoo Toolbar features apps within the toolbar that allow you to access Facebook, the news and your mail in addition to the pop-up blocker feature.

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