How Do You Disable Startup Programs?

How Do You Disable Startup Programs?

To prevent programs from starting up automatically in Windows 7, access the System Configuration settings window, and select the startup programs you wish to disable. Once that is complete, confirm the changes by clicking OK, and allow Windows 7 to restart.

  1. Access the System Configuration settings window

    Click on the Start button, and type “msconfig.exe” in the Search programs and files field. Once the search is complete, click on the msconfig icon in the Programs section. Alternatively, press the Start and R keys at the same time to activate the Run dialog box, type in “msconfig,” and click OK. If you encounter the User Access Control prompt, click Yes.

  2. Disable the startup programs

    In the System Configuration window, click on the Startup tab, and wait for the list in the Startup Item column to become populated. If you wish to disable all startup programs, click on the Disable all button in the lower-right corner. If you wish to disable specific startup programs, uncheck the box next to each one. Once you make the desired changes, click on OK, and select the Restart option once the System Configuration prompt pops up.

  3. Restart the computer

    Your computer should automatically restart if you choose the Restart option in the prompt. If you choose the Exit without restart option, manually restart your computer by clicking on the Start button, hovering your mouse pointer over the arrow next to the Shut Down button and selecting the Restart option. Once the computer restarts, confirm the changes by clicking OK in the System Configuration Utility dialog box.