How Do You Disable Seeding With Vuze?

According to Guiding Tech, there are two methods used to stop seeding files using Vuze. The first method is to change settings on individual files in Vuze to stop the seeding process. The second is to physically remove the file from the hard drive so that Vuze no longer has anything to seed.

  1. Select the file

    Click on the file that you wish to stop seeding from the list of completed files.

  2. Stop the seeding

    Press the Stop button on the menu at the top of the Vuze application. This immediately stops seeding the file and prevents it from auto-seeding when the program is restarted.

  3. Move the file

    Alternatively, open the file browser window, and navigate to the location of the file. Vuze automatically creates a new directory in the downloads folder for new files. Click on the file to highlight it, and then drag and drop it into another directory to change its location. This makes it inaccessible to Vuze for seeding.

  4. Delete the file

    If you no longer need the file, select the file in the file browser, and delete the file from the hard drive to prevent further seeding. Once deleted, the file is no longer available for use.