How Do You Disable Safe Mode on an Android Device?


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To disable safe mode on an Android device, either turn the device off completely and on again or remove the battery. The methods are theoretically applicable to most Android devices, but the prevailing examples refer to cellphones.

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For the first method, make sure your Android is not connected to its charger. Hold down the power button, and then select Power Off. Wait five seconds, and turn on your phone, taking care not to press any buttons while it boots up. If your Android is still in safe mode, wipe the cache partition, or uninstall all recently downloaded apps and restart your phone.

Depending on your brand of phone, you may want to explore additional troubleshooting methods. If you have a Morotola or a Samsumg Android device, try the power and volume combination boot to disable safe mode. Hold down the power button, and tap Power Off continuously. When your Android begins to boot, hold down the Power Off and the volume buttons simultaneously.

Battery removal helps to disable safe mode on certain Samsung Galaxy models. Your Android must have a removable back cover and a replaceable battery. Power off your Android, and remove the back cover and the battery. Wait about 60 seconds, return the battery to its well, return the back cover, and hold the power button to turn on the device.

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