How Do You Disable Ads Shown Through the AdChoices Service?

Disable the ads delivered via the AdChoices service by downloading and integrating the Adblock Plus extension with your web browser. After completing the installation, configure Adblock Plus to disable unwanted ads by downloading appropriate filters and whitelisting ads that don’t cause problems.

Navigate to, select your web browser by clicking on its icon on the home page, click on the Install button, and click on Add Extension once the popup window appears. After installing it, access the configuration screen of Adblock Plus via the Extensions menu, or click on the ABP icon next to the address bar, and click on Options in the drop-down menu. Open the Filter Lists tab, click on the Add button, select the desired ad filters, and check Enabled box for every added filter.

If the filter lists are out of date, click on the Update Now button to automatically download the latest versions. Open the Whitelisted Domains tab, and add the domains of websites that don’t use the AdChoices service.

The default filter lists disable ads that other users deem intrusive, including AdChoices ads, whereas the Acceptable Ads list automatically allows non-intrusive ads through the filters. As of 2015, Adblock Plus is available for free. It gets its funding through user donations and payments for services it provides to entities that take part in the Acceptable Ads initiative.