How Do You Disable Ads?

To disable ads when browsing websites in Google Chrome, download and install an ad-blocking extension, such as Adblock Plus, from the Chrome Web Store. Once the extension is activated, modify the ad-blocking parameters via the Adblock Plus Options window in the extension settings section of Google Chrome.

  1. Download and install Adblock Plus

    Use Google Chrome to navigate to the Chrome Web Store home page. In the search field, type in “adblock plus”, and press Enter. In the Extensions section, click on the Adblock Plus option, click on the Free button, and select the Add option once the confirmation prompt pops up. Once the download is complete, the installation process should be done automatically. Restart Google Chrome once the process is complete.

  2. Improve and update the filter list

    Start Google Chrome, and click on the Menu button in the top-right corner represented by three horizontal bars. Select the Settings option from the drop-down menu, and click on Extensions. Click on the Options link below the Adblock Plus extension, and click on the Add Filter Subscriptions button in the Filter Lists tab. Select the ones you wish to use, and click on the Add button. Click on the Update Now button once you’re ready. Restart Google Chrome, if necessary.

  3. Disable the ads manually

    Adblock Plus should automatically prevent the ads from displaying; however, you can manually add specific ads to the filter in case not everything gets blocked. Click on the ABP button next to the address bar, and select the Block Element option. Hover over the ad you wish to block, and click on Add once the prompt pops up.