How Do You Get DirectTV Wireless Internet?


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Because DirecTV only offers satellite television, Internet and telephone service is offered to DirecTV customers via partner companies such as AT&T, Verizon, Cincinnati Bell, among others. As of 2014, DirecTV offers a $10 rebate on a customer's monthly bill for a year when she hires Internet and telephone service through its partners, and savings up to $120, depending on the zip code. Services can be hired via phone or online.

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DirecTV's service is not truly bundling, as the satellite-TV and Internet and phone services are billed separately and a customer has contracts with two separate companies, even though discounts are obtained for both of them. Given DirecTV's Internet service is offered via partners, connection speeds and additional services are based on the partner a customer chooses. Several websites that review TV and phone and Internet services deem the DirecTV's agreements for Internet service as sub-par when compared with others.

As of 2014, some of the benefits of bundling DirecTV with an Internet- and phone-service provider are that customers get free HBO, CineMax and ShowTime for three months, as well as a 2014 NFL Sunday Ticket package for the regular season, when committing to a 24-month agreement with both service companies.

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