What Does the Dinar Recaps Blog Write About?

The Dinar Recaps blog covers subjects such as the United States and foreign economies, international affairs of state and other news as it relates to the Iraqi dinar. This blog is run by and for long-time investors in Iraqi dinars who hope that the form of currency will eventually revalue.

Those who run the Dinar Recaps blog post about many different subjects, sometimes multiple times a day. The majority of these blog posts are regarding financial matters; however, some of the posts are about random subjects and are designed for entertainment value. One example of these is a blog post from October 3, 2015, entitled "'I Didn't Know This': Emailed to Recaps--While We Wait," regarding the origins of certain common turns of phrase.

Another Dinar Recaps blog post from October 3, 2015 is entitled "How To Get The Most From Your Bank" and consists of advice and tips for how to deal with financial institutions. Two other blog posts from around this time feature information about an Iraqi bank called Rafidain Bank and the ability of the U.S. Federal Reserve to raise interest rates by the end of 2015, respectively.

The authors of the Dinar Recaps blog have previous experience with other online dinar-related forums and communities, such as Neno's and Dinaraholics.