What Are the Dimensions of an IPhone?


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Dimensions differ among the varied models of iPhones, with all four iPhone 6 models being taller, wider and a little thinner than the iPhone 5 S. The iPhone 6 S Plus is 6.23 inches tall, 3.07 inches wide and .29 inch deep, and the 6 Plus dimensions differ minutely.

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Both the iPhone 6 S Plus and the 6 Plus have 5.5 inch diagonal display screens. The iPhone 6 S and the 6 are almost identical in size, measuring 5.44 inches tall, 2.64 inches wide and .28 inches deep. These two models have 4.7 inch diagonal display screens. The iPhone 5 S measures 4.87 inches tall, 2.31 inches wide and .30 inch deep.

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