What Is a Digital Concepts Card Reader?


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A Digital Concepts card reader is a device that is able to connect multiple formats of memory cards to a computer through a USB port. Memory card readers interact with a computer in the same manner as a USB flash drive.

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Memory cards of numerous formats are used in vast array of devices including digital cameras, mobile phones, video game consoles, mp3 players and industrial machines. In 2015, the most common memory card formats are Secure Digital and Compact Flash. Some less common formats, as of 2015, are xD, Smart Media, Memorystick and Multimedia Card. Multi-card readers handle common and uncommon memory card formats for maximum versatility. The versatility of a multi-card reader is measured by the number of memory card formats that it can read.

The Digital Concepts card reader is compatible with the Compact Flash, Microdrive, Memorystick, Secure Digital, Multimedia Card and xD memory card formats. It is compact and powered by a computer's USB port for ease of use and transport. No additional AC adaptor is required. Rapid data transfer of up to 900kbps expedites the work flow. The Digital Concepts card reader is compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1. USB 2.0 is required for rapid data transfer.

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