What Are Some Different Types of Windows Mobile Software Programs?

What Are Some Different Types of Windows Mobile Software Programs?

While Windows mobile devices have access to mobile software and applications (or apps) available on all mobile devices, there are specific apps that are only available on a Windows phone. Email, social media, text messaging, phone, music and management apps that are exclusive to Windows phones are often those made by Microsoft.

By far the most downloaded updates for Windows Mobile are software updates and tools to make the mobile interface usable. Along with updates, users can download developer tools and alter the code that makes up the mobile software.

The typical social media apps are available on windows phones, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and Snapchat. Many of these apps are used across multiple platforms, and are not Windows Phone exclusive.

For music lovers, Windows owners can use Zune, specifically designed by Microsoft. Users can also install and interact with Xbox Music, a cloud-based music streaming service, or Beem, an app designed for curating and mixing one's own music.

Windows Mobile Users also have access to photo storage and manipulation software that Android and iPhone users do not have. Adobe Photoshop Express is like a portable version of Photoshop, letting users manipulate photos right on their phones. Another app, Photosynth, allows you to capture and store interactive panorama photos.

Many of the apps available on Windows phones are developed using Microsoft Silverlight, designed specifically as a tool for developers to create Internet based applications. Users can install the Silverlight app and code directly on their phones.