What Different Types of Nabi Chargers Are There?

Nabi produces chargers for the Nabi 2, Nabi DreamTab, Nabi 2S, Nabi Jr. and the Nabi XD, as of September 2015. The company also makes a charging cable that works with all of the devices but the Nabi 2. For power on the go, Nabi makes a power bank that charges the Nabi 2, Nabi XD, Nabi 2S and Nabi Jr. tablets.

Most Nabi chargers are designed for a single device. The company's standard charging cables are standalone items; they do not include a plug for a wall outlet. One end of the cable features a device-specific connector, and the other end features a USB connector. The USB connector plugs into a computer for charging. Each cable is available in four-foot and 10-foot lengths.

Nabi offers each cable in a charging kit that includes a wall plug and a car adapter that plugs into standard vehicle accessory ports.

The Nabi power bank is a small mobile battery with a capacity of 7800mAh. When it is fully charged, the bank powers a compatible Nabi tablet for hours. The bank features two USB ports that accept the charging cables for compatible devices. New Nabi power banks come with a Nabi 2 charging cable and a USB to micro USB cable for easy charging.