What Are Some Different Types of IP Scanners?

What Are Some Different Types of IP Scanners?

Angry IP Scanner, Advanced IP Scanner, Wireless Network Watcher and SoftPerfect WiFi Guard are few of the most popular IP scanners available as of 2015. Of the four scanners listed above, Angry IP Scanner is the most popular among users. Download a free copy of it from AngryIp.org.

Angry IP Scanner is a software based on Java. It scans all the IP addresses in the LAN. If an IP is connected, it is represented in blue; otherwise, it is represented in red. It saves the scanning result in a plain text file. It is a small, standalone, cross-platform software that can also be used as a command line tool. However, it is necessary to have Java installed to run this software.

Advanced IP Scanner is responsive and light. It shows the connection status and other useful details. It can also add ports to the Favorites section for quick access later. It scans the subnet of a machine, scans class C of a subnet, and scans from a file and saves the result in an XML file. It is available as an installer and a portable version.

Wireless Network Watcher is a lightweight one-click IP scanner. It shows details such as the IP address, MAC address, device name and network adapter of each device in the LAN. It also features automatic rescan and specific program execution each time a new connection is detected.

SoftPerfect Wifi Guard can scan all the devices in the LAN network from a selected IP range. After scanning, it displays details such as IP address, MAC Address, device name, device type and vendor. It can also automatically rescan IP addresses between 0 and 60 minutes and give desktop and sound notifications when it detects a new device.