What Are Some Different Types of FTP Server Software Programs?


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Modern FTP server packages that remain in common use as of 2015 include FileZilla Server, Cerberus FTP, SolarWinds TFTP, Rhino Serv-U and CrushFTP. The FTP protocol was first developed in the 1970s, so there are many obsolete FTP server programs.

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FTP server packages are similar in terms of their purpose but can be categorized by the types of FTP connection they support. There are three types: unencrypted FTP, deprecated FTP/S that uses implicit SSL/TLS, and relatively modern FTP/ES that uses explicit SSL/TLS. Modern FTP servers often support all connection types.

Since the FTP protocol is well established and widespread, modern FTP server packages are available across most platforms; even Android has FTP server software, such as the "FTPServer" app.

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