What Are Some Different Types of Drawing Sites Online?


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SketchPad, Draw Island and One Motion are three online drawing sites. All three websites offer different tools to the user. Sketchpad is an advanced alternative that supports layers, Draw Island has a simple interface and can import images, and One Motion allows the user to draw image masks.

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Sketchpad allows users to draw with different types of pens, brushes, crayons and graphic tools. To use the application, select a drawing tool from the left, and adjust its size and opacity. The web tool fills the gaps between lines that are close to create a spider web-like appearance. The fur tool adds additional lines towards the outside of curves. The spinograph rotates the drawing tool at a certain speed, and the stamp simulates a life-like stamp. Sketchpad also supports keyboard shortcuts.

A simpler alternative, Draw Island allows users to draw with a pencil or use one of the shape tools. Some of the available shapes are lines, rectangles and circles. Users can choose whether or not they want filled shapes or just outlines. There are settings on the right that adjust the color, opacity and size of the selected drawing tool.

Although One Motion offers only one brush to draw with, the website simulates the surface area of the brush. The faster the user moves the mouse, the thicker the line One Motion uses. Likewise, drawing too fast causes the lines to fade. The website also thickens curves and allows the user to modify brush strokes.

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