What Are Some Different Types of Animated Smileys?


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Types of animated smileys include laughing smileys, smileys showing love with animated hearts, athletic smileys, angry smileys and smileys giving gifts. Some animated smileys look like 3-D cartoon characters. The animations usually loop and start again once the smileys complete their actions.

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Animated smileys indicate different emotions or actions; for instance, hundreds or even thousands of smiley face animations include hearts to show love. The animation may include eyes that turn into hearts, a heart-shaped kiss or a smiley with arms handing out a large heart.

Angry smileys may have angry-looking faces or steam coming out of their ears, or they may even explode. Other animated smileys perform actions such as driving a car, catching a ball or lifting weights. A smiley showing happiness or joy may bounce up and down while smiling, or it may do a silly dance. Holiday smileys wear attire or costumes dedicated to particular holidays or seasons.

Some online chat rooms, social media sites and mobile phone texting applications have their own versions of animated smileys. These proprietary smileys might only work on the sites or with the applications that offer them -- a chat room smiley may not be available on a phone's texting app, for instance.

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