What Are Some Different Styles of Android Smartphone Cases?

What Are Some Different Styles of Android Smartphone Cases?

Hard cases and skin cases for Android smartphones are available in a number of different colors and styles. Android smartphone users can also purchase workout and holster cases, wallet and flip-lid cases, waterproof cases, and even leather cases for their devices.

Smartphone cases serve a number of purposes, from protecting phones from water, scratches and accidental drops to adding a personalized color or pattern. Skin cases are the most inexpensive type of case. They are pliable, fit over the body of the phone, and protect the finish of the phone from minor abrasions and scrapes.

Snap-on hard cases offer more rugged protection from scratches and drops and tend to be slightly more expensive than skin cases. Companies like Cruzerlite and Amzer make multicolored skin and hard cases for many types of Android phones.

Holster cases and workout cases allow smart phone users to attach their phones to a belt or armband. These types of cases are useful for users who wish to secure their phones on their person while keeping them accessible.

Phone users who plan on using their smartphones during outdoor activities can purchase waterproof cases. These types of cases are generally more expensive than the more basic skin or hard cases.