What Are Some Different Server Host Names?


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Some example server host names include hcluster3-web1.sjc.sl.serverdensity.net and s3-website-ap=northeast-1.amazonaws.com. Server host names are unique identifiers for computers that host sites, databases, and other content on the Internet.

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A server is a computer that contains online content and that allows other computers access to that content via the Internet. Every computer connected to the Internet has a unique host name that distinguishes it from any other machine online. A host name contains the computer's name and its location within the Internet's many networks. A server host name contains the server's domain name, or web address, the text a user enters into a browser to visit the server's website. As of 2015, all server host names are text strings that do not contain any other characters except for hyphens and periods. All server host names begin with a letter or number. Different site administers use different naming schemes for their servers, but U.S. lakes and city streets are popular server host names.

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