What Are Some Different Proxy Web Filters?

What Are Some Different Proxy Web Filters?

Some different proxy Web filters include OpenDNS, Net Nanny, SafeSquid and DansGuardian, as of 2015. Each service allows users to specify different sets of content filters to limit access and protect network integrity, including features to allow or disapprove of sites according to dynamic systems rather than simple blacklists.

OpenDNS offers both business and personal Web filtering through a proprietary proxy server system, which means that all incoming online activity passes through the OpenDNS system to check for potential threats. Its business protection plan allows companies to stop potential cybersecurity threats and attacks by blocking access before the user reaches the site.

Net Nanny focuses on parental controls and content filtering, offering a robust dashboard with allows parents to identify the type of content they deem inappropriate for their children. It includes a dynamic content blocking system that protects users from accessing images or text according to the parameters of the filter and helps prevent contact from online predators and cyberbullies.

SafeSquid offers multiple tools and features that help users stop potential malware infections thanks to an internal database of known malicious sites and programs. It also includes a user dashboard.

DansGuardian is a free solution that gives administrators full control over the content that users may access, though it does not offer a graphical user interface.